2015 has been quite a year for us, so far. We have delivered over 5000 pieces this year and we did it all accountably - believe us when we say it's impressive. Not actually that impressive to deliver that many pieces but rather to do it all with a conscience. When you get to making and delivering an order of that size, everyone tells you don't care about where they come from and to just take the money... Trouble is we sincerely do care and changing the way we, as a culture, and the way we engage with our clothing is exactly why we do what we do. So, we worked hard and did all of the insanely unglamorous stuff ourselves. I feel like I may have inhaled more black cotton fibres than is healthy, to say the least.

It was all worth it, which I know is easier to say with out being sat in front of a hundred boxes in my basement at this moment, and which I sincerely didn't feel at the time. Because of it we made some insanely awesome new products and we've made a new lookbook that really does break all the rules... 

We worked hard bringing it all together and we came up with something that is just way more exciting than what any one else is doing right now. It's definitely a brave new world for us.

Our new lookbook was made by some amazingly talented and generous people and we did it on a teensy budget. We really wanna thank every single one of them for making this possible. Click the photo to see the full range and the amazing MAGICK that happened.

You can also see and shop all of our new, near Genderless range here