Hot Chip - Over And Over / Hackney, London

Hanging out in our basement/studio listening to Hot Chip hits and taking a little time to reflect on everything it took to get our last collection and lookbook made... So, here's our Photo Essay on it all - because let's face it, it's far more exciting in pictures!

We really want to thank every single person who has made this all possible. We get to work with some insanely talented people who help us do amazing things because they believe in what we do... That is kinda amazing, especially in fashion!

THANK YOU Alexandra, Viviana, Alex, Katie, Leire, Juli, Philippe, Jake, Elite London, Stella, Izzy,  Maciej, Ava, Jessy and Mia. There's not much we could've done without your help, no matter how small the part you think you played (there really were no small parts), everything you've done for us makes us doing this possible. We'll change the world, soon.