A BLOG IN 3 PARTS Revolution Blues


Song: Jack white - Sixteen Saltines


Jack White

Jack White

Location: Somewhere over Germany

Sunrise on a London bound Easyjet flight... I haven't seen the sun in weeks and it was snowing on the ground... Not a bad way to start the day! 30,000 feet, sunshine, blue skies and one of my all time favourite records.

I'm writing our blog post from an airplane because I finally have a few spare moments. It's been busy. It's been awesome. We're totally loving hearing from all our new fans, friends & soon to be family (yeah, you ain't just our customers you're our freakin’ family)

Eating what i like to all ‘The Easyjet Business Breakfast’ it contains loads of sugar...

Anyway, what am I doing on my back to London again? Well, we're having our photoshoot and it's been a long road on this one... We've been working on this for months... It's a little nerve wrecking but equally as exciting! I wasn't that excited when I had to get up to go to the airport at 3 AM but that's what 'The Easyjet Business Breakfast’ is for... coffee, sugar and muffin (more sugar.)

It's all been pretty surreal... We still can't believe that the last 2 weeks have actually happened! it's a great way to end our old range & start our new one... Don't worry a few of our classics are coming with us.

I'll hit you guys up with some previews of the new range next week but like it said in LOOK Magazine this week ... Join the Terrible Movement.

It's on. Like Donkey Kong. Be excited.


Song: Arcade Fire – Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)

Location: Kreuzberg, Berlin

Now, when I hear this song it reminds me of Modest Mouse, aint time crazy a thing, like that? A little time changes everything… Still, a pretty amazing record, right? Pretty cool that is was made in our lifetimes.

So, after our photoshoot, we found ourselves in a spiral of busy-ness – hopefully soon, you guys will see the results of that, we are really excited. But as you can see, we got our photoshoot done.

And we launched our new range. We know it’s a little ‘out there’ but fortune favours the brave, or so we heard, and you guys seem to be loving it and yes, before you ask, we are printing more!!!

I could load you up on the cool photo’s we took but you know the site and you can nose around. OH and when you do, totally check out our new press page!

Part 3

Song: Various - FourBigWatts

Location: Terrible Movement Revolution HQ

What I really want to show you are our videos... See the link up there? Go take a little Look-see!

Made by Dan Vallins with Sounds and Music by Christopher Tolle at FourBigWatts in little, ole Kansas. Big Sounds for a small town, right? KILLER!

Right, we literally have a thousand Muscle Tee's to hand cut... So, I'll leave you for now!

With love from Berlin,