For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield

Song: For What It's Worth - Buffalo Springfield

Location: Kreuzberg, Berlin

We'll start this blog post with a story, mostly because we have been listening to 'For what it's worth' on our TM playlist whilst we sewed all of our freshly printed tee's all week:

It's 1966 on the Sunset Strip, which had just become the most awesome place to hang. The local residents and police are freaked out and concerned about all the extreme fun being had, so 22.00 rolls round and the police start arresting and beating up the kids and well, whaddayaknow, riots break out. During these riots Stephen Stills et al got whisked up in their limo to escape. Inspired, Stills turns their manager, Ahmet Ertegun, who was in the limo and says ' Hey man, so  do ya wanna hear this song I wrote, for what it's worth?' and he played him this song on his guitar. Later Stills said to Ertegun 'Hey man, I really wanna use that song I played you for the album, but I don't know what to call it,' to which Ertegun replied, 'But, hey man, you told me what its called, you said, "Do you wanna hear this song I wrote - For What It's Worth?"' and that was that. How 'For What It's Worth' got it's name.

Pretty radical story. Thanks to AC for reminding me of it this week.

Anyway, besides all our travelling back to a better time in music, we finally finished screen printing some more of our sold out tee's and then finally finished sewing them - so you can go get 'em in our shop right this minute!

We are also working on making our packages even more extra special for the Festive Season and decided we would also make extra special Birthday packaging for you guys too whilst we were at it. So, we made some killer cards and we have some more ribbon and more tissue paper and we will be hand writing your messages in the cards  and wrapping up your presents for no extra charge! And we will also do some vouchers and send those out for you too. Did we just make Christmas and future birthday presents super easy? We hope so!

This week we got to see our Beverly Kills Muscle Tee get all caught up with The Beatles and the beautiful, über original Masha Sedgwick, not once but twice! Ooh la la, see the results below:

And to top that all off, Nün, film director and fashion lover, posted some pictures of her rockin' out in Bangkok in one of our tees! We love our customers, we totally think of them as part of the family, so keep those pictures coming so we can keep our Family Album up to date!

And what a way to end the week... T-shirts were requested by the very talented and extraordinary Fanning Sisters and so we sent them! We really couldn't feel more honoured that they like our tees, seriously, those girls are spectacular and we really can't thank them enough for their support! Can't wait to see them in 'em! Roll on Summer!

We are going to love and you leave you for now, yeah, it's Sunday, a real deal day of rest in Berlin, but we need to package up the weekend orders so they are ready to get on their way to you guys first thing...

Speak Soon.