Get Away - Yuck

Song: Get Away - Yuck Location: London/Harwich/The Sea/Hook of Holland/Amsterdam/Berlin/Utrecht/Small Unknown Dutch Town/Hook of Holland/Harwich/London

That's right, you read correctly... We have been sailing and railing all over... With good reason!

As you may know, we're taking Terrible Movement to Europe for a while! We think it'll inspire us a little more and we do require a little space at the motel for all of our Tees... England ain't the best spot for that thing we call 'space.'

We have had LOTS of exciting news and seeing as we haven't had time to write about it in the last few weeks - we'll be doing that now!

So, we saw TM draw some rings around the world...

Our tees hit San Francisco and one of our favourite west coast American bloggers Hybrid Hunter showed us how to grunge up our KISS ME tee... WE LOVE THIS!

Hybrid Hunter
Hybrid Hunter

Ebba Zingmark, our Swedish Fashion Guru, took her Brownies Tee Interrailing ... And here it is at the John Lennon Wall in Prague! We are BIG FANS (of Ebba and John Lennon!)

Well, there's a little more news... Our new Tees are printed and our new boxes are nearly done... We'll be ready to ship... VERY VERY soon.

Our last little slice of excitement came when we were in Berlin... We got to spend some time in Custom Denim Short Heaven at Bambi &Manson and boy, do we LOVE their short shorts! They are even cooler in person. Made to order but a perfect match for a TM tee! Go see 'em here: we have a feeling they are about to take over the world. Totally the go to shop for custom denim.

Well, we must finish packing, sewing, and printing tees/boxes do we'll leave you for now but we're sending you LOTS OF TERRIBLE LOVE from The Motel on The Lane,