Gouge Away - Pixies / Xberg, Berlin

Song: Gouge Away - Pixies Location: Xberg, Berlin

Well, it's all happening! Winter doesn't feel very far away at all now. The seasons are really noticeable here in Berlin, it's not like England. It's definitely sweatshirt weather.

We had an exciting time of it since we last wrote! We are now a part of the incredible Coffin on Cake Family... You may have noticed!

We're now stocked at a few more stores... And there should be a few more popping up soon- maybe even one near you! Check out our Stockists page and go see and feel our super soft tees and sweats in person.

And finally, last week, we even got to see the Pixies play with our friends YUCK... Of course, it was amazing. Two of our favourite bands in one place and some good times with friends from London.

We're keeping it short and sweet, it is Monday which means we have to get your orders out to you!

Catchya on the flip side!


PS - Keep an eye out for some mid-season releases...

Terrible Beanie
Terrible Beanie