Neil Young / Xberg - Berlin

Song: Hey Hey My My  – Neil Young Location: Kreuzberg - Berlin

Rock n Roll is here to stay… Wise, wise words Mr Young.

It’s January already and another year has passed us by. Time to get a little reflective and sentimental and put on some old records. Hence the Neil Young, and hence the song choice.

We are super busy planning and designing our new range, listening to records and getting really excited for 2013. Our next range is going to be KILLER and we can’t wait for you guys to see it!

We are keeping things super fresh, but still all ethical & Limited Edition!

Anyway, I could go on about the new range ALL DAY but we have had an exciting couple of months over here so lets talk about that instead!

Here is what has been happening for us…

First of all, we are now OFFICIALLY & EXCLUSIVELY stocked in Berlin’s The Shit Shop. Yup, we are now a part of Bonnie Strange’s Anti Fashion Movement. BOOM! And we couldn’t be more proud!

The Shit Shop
The Shit Shop

Lovely Sally released their new ‘End of the World’ range and HELLO, a few of our Tees had a few little cameos in their photo-shoot! CHECK us out! And take a look at those AMAZING new leggings. If the world was going to end, I know I would like to be in some of those!

Lovely Sally
Lovely Sally

And check out the video KACIE HEARTS MAKEUP made for a little blogger giveaway we ran… She won! How could any one compete? Seriously. We have a lot of love for Kacie. She’s one to watch for sure!

Speaking of Video’s did you see our ‘You’re not that Cool’ Fashion Video? Well, here it is on our TM YouTube Channel

Oh and we also got interviewed by ABCDEFotgraphie German Blogger & Photographer too… Go see what we had to say!

… A little LOVE from France! Oui Oui! Go see of Margot’s adventures right here.

We also made our debut in the British National’s… On none other than Twilight Super Star, A-lister; Dakota Fanning. She wore our Kiss Me Silver/Gold Muscle Tee to Dance class!

Dakota F
Dakota F

You can see the full article here. And they even mention us by Name!

And last but certainly not least, we made our ‘Wall of Sound’ for 2012! See if you can find yourself in it!

Wall of Sound
Wall of Sound

Thank all of you for making 2012 and our first 6 months of making tee’s so very special. This year we promise to continue to provide the most badass customer service available any where online, the highest quality tees, more original designs and above all, to continue to make sure that how we make our products improves lives rather than destroying them.

Happy 2013.

Much love from Berlin,