Hey Ya! - Outkast / Kreuzberg, Berlin

Song: Hey Ya! -  Outkast Location: Kreuzberg, Berlin

We always hope we will have time to write sooner than we actually do, these days, but it seems the hours in each day aren't quite enough to get all our thoughts out and published!

What on Earth has kept us so busy, you ask? Well, we have been working with URBAN OUTFITTERS! YES SIR! You can now find us online all over the UK and Europe and we even worked on a design with them to go into their stores, all over the UK & Europe too!

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to visit a UO in Berlin and actually see all our work, sitting on a shelf! It was quite something... Funny how we just started Terrible Movement so we could have t-shirts we loved and now, here we are, sat on a shelf in one of the biggest fashion chain stores in Europe. AND we still managed to keep it all ethically made and hand screen-printed... Writing that has just made me realise exactly why we haven't had much time to write lately!

It's pretty easy to make something the easy way and being ethical and hand screen-printed is certainly not the easy way. It just takes longer to make sure your product is contributing to a positive cycle of production and of course, it takes longer to print the way we print and to hand cut every single tee too.

Anyway, some more exciting news from us: WE HAVE NEW DESIGNS COMING!

Here are a few sneak peeks of what's to come...

Presenting, Our DAFT CRUNK Muscle Tees! Get Lucky in one of our new favourite designs!

Daft Crunk Terrible Movement
Daft Crunk Terrible Movement

And finally, you asked and we listened... The TERRIBLE MOVEMENT Tee...

terrible movement
terrible movement

Right, we gotta get back to it!

Sending you all our love from Berlin HQ,