Pavement - Range Life / Hackney, London.

Song: Pavement - Range Life Location: Hackney, London

We have had a lot of fun the last few weeks, so here are the headlines:

Terrible Bambi Studios has been real busy we’ve had some awesome World Cup football parties and lots of wonderful new friends come by – we’ve meet and hung out with the amazing Jump From Paper, Josie Cheng, hung with the awesome Viviana Gomez, Wonderful Naomi from The Movement and the super talented Liz Ke Photography! We also had Yuck come by and hang out. We’re super excited for the rest of July and the World Cup Final and to meet more of you guys!

Outside of all that excitement at home we’ve also seen our tees everywhere from Glastonbury (on ALISON TAY, no less!) to LA on our favourite rapper Gavlyn (we actually cant stop listening to her on repeat!) You can now also find us back in our spiritual home, in Berlin, at The Shit Shop.

Alison Tay @ Glastonbury

Alison Tay @ Glastonbury

We know we’re running out of stock online, but we’re working hard to keep up with demand and we’ll have some of your favourites back up just as soon as we're finished with our Summer Sale!

Whilst we’ve been making more tees we’ve also working on a bunch of exciting new projects and we’re real excited for the last part of 2014. We’re working with some incredible talents and we’re all out to change the world. We’ll keep you guys updated on it all as we go, after all, we wouldn't have dared to dream so big if it wasn't for all the support and love we get from you.

That's all for now. Stay tuned for all things Terrible.

Much love from London,


PS - Cause bad girls are always bad girls...

WHY CANT WE STOP LISTENING TO PAVEMENT! Totally gets stuck in you're head, right?!