Watch the Corners - Dinosaur Jr

Song: Watch the Corners - Dinosaur Jr. Location: London / Berlin

Its still dark out, It's 3.23am and I'm sitting on a train waiting to leave London, when I return again it'll only be briefly and this won't be the final destination, as it has been for me, for so long. This is the first time in over a decade that I will be laying my hat somewhere new - Dinosaur Jr. is quite the appropriate soundtrack. I have a lump in my throat, getting all sentimental and the rest - I think it's maybe the hour though , not the action.

Well, this month has mostly been filled with boxes and goodbyes but we have quite a few wonderful hellos awaiting us on the other side:

1. CHEAPER shipping all over the world!

2. A Kick Ass Photoshoot and our new and recently launched range - CHECK OUT OUR SHOP!

3. Berlin - City of hope, City of History, City of Inspiration... on our doorstep!

4. SPACE! For the last 6 - 8 months we have been living in a sea of Tee's - Berlin has more space! We can live peacefully, alongside the Tee's instead of amongst them!

Check out our favourite girl band in the world- NOVELLA- they love a bit of TM and we LOVE a bit if Novella. Seriously, they have a lilac and leopard print record - make that your next vinyl purchase. It has been our inspiration for our new Tee's - 'You're not that cool.'

Kiss Me Original Muscle Tee
Kiss Me Original Muscle Tee

In other news, you've heard of the famous custom 'Short Shorts' Makers 'Bambi & Manson?' Well, our 'Beverly Kills' Muscle Tee found its way into their photo shoot for their new range 'Lalaland.'

Beverly Kills Black Muscle Tee
Beverly Kills Black Muscle Tee

 And finally, before we forget, our Kiss Me Original Tee and our Brownies Tee are featured in the short Film 'Veronika' made in 48 hours by Ben Jay Crossman. Both worn by the lead actor! And if you haven't heard of Veronika yet, that's probably because you dont live in South Africa - Veronika's street art can be seen in all kinds of interesting places, around SA, if you're paying attention! Boy, have our Tees travelled far! Anyway, keep up to date on Veronika on FB and twitter - search for Veronika paints- so worth having in your feed:

See the Film Below:


Well, now that we are all moved into our New HQ,  we wont leave it so long till we write again!

Much Love from the Terrible Movement Motel 2.0